Vlasta Jaroš was born in Karlovy Vary, western Bohemia (Czech Republic). He lives and works in Prague. His life-long interest combines the intersection of art, psychology, sociology, economy, and philosophy.   Photography is his visualized expression of the search for meaning.

“I’m interested in what is beyond words and images. A new feeling wraps around the image as twine on a ball of yarn. It already yearns for a name. I want to thwart this yearning. What does one have instead of words and their presupposed denotations, doomed by their limits? How can one capture what is and never cease asking what this is? I resist naming till the very last moment. I don’t adhere to the canon of ideal image. I only offer an image—my thrust into an image. The image is my defense against the violence of literal denotation that kills off imagination. My work explains nothing, rather, it disconcerts.”